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Posted by Diane Silva Realty & Associates, LLC on 2/4/2018

If you recently sold your house, you may have only a short amount of time to sell some of your large, heavy belongings before moving day. Among these items likely are the couches, chairs and other furniture that you have collected over the years.

Ultimately, selling furniture prior to your move can be quick and simple here are three tips to help you find furniture buyers and maximize the value of your furniture.

1. Establish a Competitive Price

A competitive price for a dining room table, bed or other home furniture can make a world of difference. If you establish an aggressive price from the get-go, you should have no trouble stirring up interest in your furniture from many potential buyers.

Consider the age and condition of your furniture before you set a price for it. If your furniture is only a few years old and remains in great shape, you may be able to fetch a lofty sum for it. Comparatively, if your furniture shows signs of wear and tear, you may need to lower your pricing expectations.

It often helps to be flexible with the price of your furniture as well. And if a furniture buyer makes an offer that falls below your initial asking price, you may want to consider all of your options closely to determine whether to accept, reject or counter this proposal.

2. List Your Furniture Online

Craigslist and other online marketplaces make it simple to list your furniture on the web in just seconds. Then, you can sit back and await responses from potential furniture buyers.

If you decide to list your furniture online, be sure to include high-resolution photos. If your online posting includes photos that show off the quality of your furniture, you can increase the likelihood of a quick, profitable sale.

Furthermore, incorporate plenty of details about your furniture into your web posting. With an informative and engaging furniture description, you can make it easy for a potential buyer to determine whether your chair, ottoman or other furniture is the right choice.

3. Host a Yard Sale

A yard sale offers a valuable opportunity to sell furniture, as well as a variety of other big and small items. If you allocate the necessary time and resources to plan ahead for a yard sale, you can improve your chances of optimizing your profits.

You also may want to post flyers to highlight your furniture to neighbors. These flyers can help you showcase your furniture to individuals who won't have to travel too far to pick it up.

Don't forget to share information about your furniture with family members and friends too. These loved ones may even be able to share details about your furniture along with other items that you plan to sell with their friends on social media.

Lastly, when it comes to selling furniture, it usually helps to collaborate with a real estate agent. In addition to helping you sell your home, a real estate agent can provide expert recommendations to help you get rid of furniture prior to moving day.

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Posted by Diane Silva Realty & Associates, LLC on 6/18/2017

You could easily spend one thousand dollars to furniture your living room or bedroom. The costs of furnishing a home is so pricey that some people buy a house, rent furniture or sleep on a mattress for months. They don't buy new furniture until they get a promotion or raise at work.

Getting tempting to furnish your home on credit

Furniture retailers are paying attention. Several years ago, furniture retailers started running television commercials that advertised payment plans people living on tight budgets could afford. What was and still is attractive about these plans is that they are interest free for several months.

Over the years, the amount of time that furniture plans go interest free has lengthened. Today it's possible to furnish your entire home on credit without paying interest for more than a year. It sounds good, but there are catches to furnishing your home on credit.

Look out for these catches when furnishing your home on credit

  • Getting into the habit of only sending in minimum monthly payments will likely ensure that you end up paying loads of interest on the back end of the plan. When that interest is compounded, you could end up paying more than twice for the furniture than you intended or thought that you would pay.
  • Just because the furniture repayment plan is interest free, that doesn't mean that you won't have to pay late fees if you're as much as one day late with a single payment.
  • Should the furniture get damaged after it's delivered to your home, you could be responsible for repairing or replacing the furniture. This is a reason why you should inspect new furniture as soon as it arrives. Really look the furniture over and report any damages or defects to the furniture retailer as soon as possible.
  • Penalties could be added onto your repayment plan if it isn't paid off before the interest free portion of the plan ends.
  • Because you know that your furniture repayment plan only requires you to send in $50 or so each month, you could buy new products or services. If you don't repay all of the money owed on the furniture in time and the monthly payments triple, you could get into a financial bind.

Choosing to furnish your home on credit puts new furniture within your reach. However, it's not a given. Furniture companies will generally check your credit before they approve you for an interest free repayment plan. You need to have a history of demonstrating that you are financially responsible. Even more, although the repayment plans are interest free, you could get hit with late fees and late penalties.

Worst of all, you could think that by making the minimum payments, you'll pay for the furniture before the contract ends. You could deceive yourself into believing that you will never have to pay interest on the furniture. Get ahead of the repayment plan and make the furniture off as soon as you can. It's generally the only way that you'll really enjoy furnishing your home on credit without ever paying interest.

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